Media: 'Biden's Economy is Good'. Us: 'Wait, What?'

In Joe Biden’s America: -There are 582,500 homeless people (2022 figure)

-More than 25% of homeowners are ‘house poor’

-Housing costs are at record level of unaffordability

This year’s State of the Nation’s Housing 2023 report from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies paints a stark picture of record unaffordability, near-record housing shortages and major barriers to first-time homeownership.

The number of cost-burdened renters reached an all-time high: 21.6 million households (49%)

-Utility costs have skyrocketed

-Food costs have skyrocketed

-Record number of people living in poverty (12.4%!)

-31% of Americans report a net worth of $0 or less

-Credit card debt in the US is at a record $1.031 trillion